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AMD Value Lowest For Four Years

According to the latest share reports, Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) net worth has dropped US$400 million which is the lowest point in four years. With the launch of AMD's Spider and Phenom now past, and the rather damp reception that they both received, something needs to be done to turn things around...And fast!

Furthermore; whilst the ATI 3800 was a marked improvement on the 2900 Series cards, they still appear to be overshadowed by NVIDIA's latest offerings.

The latest reports indicate that AMD's shareholders share similar sentiments, as prices have now dropped to their lowest point in four years, putting the companies value at $5 billion, a shocking $400 million less than the cost of AMD buying ATI last year.

Given that both Intel's QX6700 and nVidia's 8800 GTX, products launched over a year ago, still outperform the best AMD can offer it's hardly surprising investors are less than happy. In monetary terms, nVidia and Intel are now worth about $19 billion and $132 billion respectively, or about four and 32 times as much as their rival.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for AMD and ATI?

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