AMD Working on "Anti-Hyperthreading" Page: 1
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We've heard whispers over from X86-secret that AMD are working on something pretty exciting on their new line of processors

Translated from X86-secret:

"A mother chart comprising two Dual CPU Core would be thus seen by the operating system only like one processor, well on theoretical power four times higher than that of four CPUs."

Here's the full translated article

This would be akin to "anti-HyperThreading" - that is; showing two logical processors as one. Intel has been using HT on their P4's and was one of their big selling points.

They know that their current crop of AM2's just can't keep up with Conroe - but having both cores work as one very fast core would surely mean that AMD would take a HUGE lead in all single threaded applications (for example - practically every game out at this time) as well as the host of others.

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