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AMD Lasso; External 2900XT Crossfire

Computex 2007 has been rather a low-key affair for graphics card manufacturers considering that the Nvidia's 8800 Ultra and ATI's HD2900XT were released prior to the IT trade fair beginning. But thankfully ATI have come to the party by providing a sneakpeek at their external graphics solution, codenamed: Lasso.

Lasso is a codename for AMD external graphics technology and the latest revision is able to support Crossfire on the Radeon HD 2000 series. In the current revision, there are 2 PCIe x16 slots on the Lasso board with a chipset onboard that offers 48 PCIe lanes so theoretical you can have 3 PCIe x16 slots running at full 16x bandwidth for Crossfire + Physics setup or 4 PCIe x16 slots running at 8x bandwidth in Quad Crossfire setup. For the current setup, there is a pair 2900XT 1GB GDDR4 cards linked up by 2 long Crossfire bridges inside a case with 500W PSU made specially for Lasso. However, there is no guidance from AMD yet to which when Lasso will be announced.

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Lasso 3

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