Android SDK Released Page: 1
Google have Released the Software Development Kit for their Android Mobile Computing Platform, and by way of this they have released some early visuals of the android experience.

The early prowess of the platform was showcased, including demonstations of OpenGL rendering -- one such example was running Quake.

Other Base Supported Features are
* Touchscreen
* 3G
* Webkit-based browser
* Threaded text messaging
* MPEG-4, h.264, MP3, and AAC file formats
* Accelerated 3D graphics

The Webkit browser is a nice inclusion as this is the same technology that Apple use in their Safari Browser (so its logical to expect an iPhone level mobile Web rendering experience).

Unlike Apple Google realise the Importance of allowing 3rd party code to run on their platform and so are actively looking for developers to create android compatible code (should they be dubbed positrions??) , and are doing this in a 2-pronged fashion -- By providing an Open SDK [get it here] and launching a encouragement program called the Android Developer Challange. the ADC provides some incentive to competition winners -- a $10 million kitty to be shared out among competition winners.

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