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Apacer's dual-channel memory module pack ensures high stability and high performance in dual-channel operation
Apacer Technology has launched a new 4GB (2GBx2) DDR2-800MHz dual-channel memory module pack for desktop PCs. This high-end memory module has a single-stick memory capacity of 2GB; the dual-channel pack ensures high stability for dual-channel operation while providing the high performance and high memory capacity that gamers need.

The Apacer 4GB DDR2-800 memory module conforms to the JEDEC standard, and uses 1GB (128Mb x 8) pin architecture, with cutting-edge 70nm process technology and FBGA chip packaging. It provides high frequency and low power consumption by comparison with memory modules produced using older production process technology. Maximum bandwidth is 12.8GB per second (in dual-channel mode); the working voltage is just 1.8V.
Apacer's 4GB (2GB x 2) DDR2-800MHz desktop PC memory module pack is ideally suited for use with memory-intensive game software where memory capacity can have a major impact on how smoothly the game plays. Most game software today requires a lot of memory. If memory capacity is insufficient, the hard drive provides "virtual memory" for the game; however, hard drive read speed is far lower than memory read speed, so as soon as the PC switches over to using the hard drive to provide virtual memory, the gamer notices a pronounced slowdown in the game. Increasing memory capacity is thus the key to improving game performance.

In developing the dual-channel architecture for its new 4GB (2GB x 2) DDR2-800MHz memory module, Apacer has insisted on using memory chips with the same specification from the same supplier, and from the same batch, for both modules. Chip packaging is preceded by rigorous dual-channel environment testing. At every stage from die selection through production and testing right through to packaging, great care is taken to ensure that the memory module will provide the best possible performance and stability in a dual-channel environment.
Apacer 4GB DDR2-800 Modules
Whilst they probably won't be snatched up by the overclocking fraternity, but those running 64-bit OS's for home and business may be interested.
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