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aqua-computer release the aquagraFX for GTX 280 aquagraFX on GTX 280
Undoubtedly some of the most visually appealing waterblocks would have to be those manufactured by German based cooling enthusiasts - aqua-computer. Today, aqua-computer has released their aquagraFX for NVIDIA GTX 280 graphics cards.
Combined GPU/RAM/VRM-cooler for graphics cards of the type nvidia GeForce GTX 280 with 1024 MB (G200 GPU) according to reference design. This cooler combines the features of a graphics chip cooler and RAM-coolers in an elegant and very flat watercooler. Thereby the slot next to the PCI-Express-slot remains useable. Additionally the voltage regulators are also cooled effectively.

The cooler is manufactured out of copper with a stainless steel cover, the connection terminal is made of Plexiglas.
The aquagraFX (G200) retails for 94.90EUR [incl. 19% VAT] and does not include fittings in the purchase price.
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