Aqua-PC's add yet another reason for you to TGIF! Page: 1
Weekend Deals @ Aqua-PC's
OCZ Flex3PM today saw the start of Aqua-PC's first weekend deals initiative. As if there wasn't already enough to be thankful for on a Friday afternoon, Aqua are doing deals on everything from water cooling gear to Tagan PSU's and the sexy OCZ Flex II memory kits.
Aqua-PC's owner Pascal Bregeon had this to say over in the Overclock3D hosted Aqua-PC's Customer Care forums:
"Each weekend we will be celebrating the fact its Friday by offering up some insane prices on some great gear!

The offers are valid from 3pm on Friday to 9am on Monday after this time they will revert to the original pricing."
So there you have it, check out the latest weekend deals here, or drop by the forums to discuss what goodies are on offer.