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Official Press Release

Aqua-PC's are the official UK launch partner for "BLAST FLOW" high-end watercooling solutions.

By now many of you would have come to know Aqua-Pc's since their inclusion into Overclock3D's support area. Considering the fine assortment of quality hardware that Aqua-Pc's stock, it really comes as no surprise that they have been selected as the official launch partner of Blastflow Watercooling Solutions.

For those of you who don't know, Blastflow is a manufacturer of watercooling solutions for Extreme Gaming PCs and Workstations based in London that has branched out from Vadim Computers - High End Custom PC makers. Let's hear what BLAST FLOW have to say about themselves:

We are not just another manufacturer, we are a team of PC Gamers and Enthusiasts that have been using watercooling in our own systems long before joining BlastFlow. Our mentality is simple - to invent and manufacture products that we will use ourselves, as this is not just our work - it is our hobby and passion and the few products we develop are all made with the gamer's need in mind!

Blastflow's waterblocks are particularly special in that they are modular by design, and these are the latest revision on the original design. The Blastflow Siberian VGA block, for example, utilises this modular design to ensure compatibility with a large variety of high-end graphics cards.

The Siberian consists of 2 parts - the main unit and the cooling plate. The main unit can be used on its own, just to cool the GPU, or it can be used with a special cooling plate that makes it a full cover waterblock to cool the memory, VRMs and other hot parts depending on the VGA itself. The current production includes the cooling plate for the 8800GTX. The beauty of the product is that when upgrading the VGA card (providing is a compatible product) all that needs upgrading is the actual cooling plate. No need to drain and refill the system or purchase another full cover waterblock, just simple card and cooling plate swap! As well as being Universal, the Bllastfow Siberian has been designed with the 2 main cooling concepts, which are outlined below:
  • Efficient utilisation of the cooling liquid without being restrictive to the flow.
  • Intelligent distribution of the cooling power, i.e. - Provide most of the cooling capacity for the GPU, less for the RAM and less for VRMs.

Blastflow modular

Blastflow modular

Blastflow modular

I'm sure that you will all agree with us that Blastflow are producing watercooling solutions that can be defined as 'works of art'. We're also wagering that you'll be wanting to get your hands on them as quickly as possible, so you'll be happy to know that they can be pre-ordered from Aqua-Pc's now. They will also be shipping Internationally from Tuesday.

If you want to get your hands on some Blastflow gear then head here

Congratulations Aqua-Pc's on being selected as the official launch partner of Blastflow watercooling solutions...well done!