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Article <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 25/09/07
Author: Jonathan Smith
Source: Overclock3D

Aqua-PCs Exclusive OC3D Member Offers

Aqua-PCs recently announced they would be bringing our members some interesting deals, there is no need for me to reiterate what was put so eloquently:

Hey all,

As every man and his dog seems to be offering free shipping for forum members we thought we would get creative and do some thing a little different.

We will be teaming up with some great manufactures to offer you amazing deals that you would never be able to find anywhere else! Those of you with a sharp eye might have already noticed that there is a new category on our webshop and this is where the offers will appear, starting Wednesday the 26th September. As this is an exclusive offer ONLY for OC3D members there are a few ground rules to follow, to buy the offer you must:

- Be a member of OC3D forums
- Have a minimum post count of 15
- PM me or Aqua-PC staff with your order number once you place and order

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words:

If you wish to take advantage simply go to the Aqua-PCs OC3D Members Offer page.

Are you impressed with yet another exclusive member offer? You should be! Comment in the forum