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9800GTX Water-blockAqua Computer release their Aquagrafx  9800GTX full cover water block

German company Aqua Computer has announced the release of their new Aquagrafx  9800GTX full cover water block designed for the reference 9800GTX 512MB graphics card.

This new water-block is stunning in design.  Its made of 99.99% electrolyte copper just like their GX2 block and weighs 600 grams. 
A major benefit to using this water-block is the fact that it only takes up the space of a single slot.  However, the down side is that being just 6mms thick with the channels running through the block being 18mms wide, this water-block while being ideal for those who require a low profile solution may prove to restrict flow considerably.
This block comes with pretty standard 1/4" barbs and as above this is a "full cover" block so not only does it take care of the heat from the GPU, it also looks after the memory and all the voltage regulators.
Here are a couple more pictures just so you can see how good the block actually looks.
9800GTX Water-Block               9800GTX Water-Block

The new Aquagrafx block is available right now at Aqua Computer for €79.90.  If you happen to want the card at the same time they'll do you a 9800GTX with the block already bolted on for €379.90. 
You can find both options here.
Personally I think these cards look the mutts nuts!  Question is will they perform as well as they look?
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