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aqua computer Release the aquagrafx GTX295 & aquagrafx GT200b WaterBlocks aqua computer logo

aquagrfx GTX295aquagrafx GTX295

Today we present you the aquafrax GTX295 watercooler just in time with the release of the GTX 295 graphics card. The cooler is built sandwich style to cool both of the cards. The intermediate level is made of Delrin, the cooling blocks of 99,9% electrolyte copper. As special feature one will be able to choose if water runs paralell or in series through the blocks. So you can choose between high flow and low restriction or better cooling with high flow velocity. In parallel mode you need an additional T-Connector.

GPU´s are cooled with high efficient microstructure. Focus was also on low restriction. The threads are G 1/4 and coooler will be available as of next week. Materials are copper and delrin.

aquagrafx GT200b

Also available in about a week will be the block for the newer GTX 260 cards with a 55nm GPU. Both, the old and the new block will be available from aqua-computer. The block is made of 99,9 % pure electrolyte copper, as all of our new graphic card coolers. Height of the cooler is 8 mm. The result is a low weight and the single slot possibility. Price will be 89,90 EUR.

Materials: copper, stainless steel, plexiglas
Threads: G1/4

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