Arctic Cooling MX3 Has Arrived Page: 1
Arcting Cooling's new thermal compound
Arctic cooling have built on the success of their popular thermal interface material MX-2 with the release of MX-3. MX-3 is composed of carbon microparticles which leads to a very high thermal conductivity of 8.2 W/mK. Tests have shown that the compound will keep and AMD Phenom X4 9550 7 degrees celcius cooler than stock compounds and also up to 2.5 degrees celcius cooler than other well known brands.
Not only will it offer lower temperatures though, Arctic Cooling say that the MX-3 retains the usual MX-2 features. It isn't electrically conductive or corrosive and doesn't require any curing time. It will not damage components if it is accidentally spilled on them, making it perfect for CPUs and GPUs.
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