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ARCTIC COOLING Release the Freezer 7 LP
Most small chassis users find it difficult to buy a suitable cooler replacement that fits the size of their PC case. As a leader in innovative, low noise and high performance PC coolers, ARCTIC COOLING today unveiled the Freezer 7 LP, a cutting edge Intel CPU cooler especially designed for media centre users to fulfill their needs.

Slim Beauty

The revolutionary heatsink design of the Freezer 7 LP reduces the size of the cooler dramatically, leaving it only 42mm slim (to the air intake level) and 263g light, almost half the size of usual CPU coolers. With this ultra thin dimension, the Freezer 7 LP easily fits into any small chassis with limited space.

Freeze and Breeze

Apart from its lightweight and low profile design, the Freezer 7 LP also performs excellent cooling execution. Two heatpipes, 40 fins and an 80mm PWM fan dissipate heat from the CPU core efficiently and rapidly. Together with the highly thermal conductive pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste and voltage regulator cooling, the Freezer 7 LP is 20% cooler than the generic low profile cooler, giving media centre users an unexpected cooling experience.

The Art of Silence

Like other ARCTIC COOLING products, low noise impellers and patented fan holder are used to minimize the noise level. Even though spinning at full load, the Freezer 7 LP generates only 0.5 Sone of noise – 71% quieter than the Intel low profile cooler.

The Freezer 7 LP is widely compatible with Intel Socket LGA775. It offers a 6-year limited warranty and will be available by mid-May 2008.
The MSRP is US$ 27.95 / 17,95 € (excl VAT).
More details on the Freezer 7 LP can be found here
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Freezer 7 LP side
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