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Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Swiss cooling solution manufacturer ARCTIC COOLING launches a new line of thermodynamic PC case – Silentium T Pro .

As its predecessor (Silentium), the new Silentium T Pro’s revolutionary design introduces a radical thermodynamic concept which does not follow the traditional ATX standard. Air flow directions in the Silentium T Pro have been completely rearranged. Two pre-installed 80mm and one 120mm Arctic Fans together with a rearranged PSU position dramatically enhances the ventilation of the PC case.

Two specially designed air hoods are included to help the CPU and graphic card emit the heat efficiently. Reducing the noise to an absolute minimum and achieving a maximum airflow are the design goals of the Silentium T Pro. The speed of the Arctic Fans is temperature controlled and all fans contain patented vibration absorption in order to lower the noise level further. With the help of a new HDD muffler, hard disk noise and vibration are eliminated by encapsulating them into absorbers.

The Silentium T Pro equips an AX-500F power supply which has excellent efficiency of up to 80%. The AX-500F optimized for high end PC’s complies with ATX 12V 2.0. Its continuous output power fulfils enthusiast gaming system requirements based on multiple graphic cards. Furthermore the screw less design of the Silentium T Pro is torsion resistant and offers extensive features for power users.

The Silentium T Pro series is available now in 5 different front panel configurations. The MSRP is US$ 149 and Euro 119 (excl VAT).

Silentium Pro range

Silentium thermodynamic demo

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