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Thermodynamic RAM cooler for enthusiasts
High clock speeds and raised voltage lead to increasing temperatures – even on RAM modules. Since this lowers the overclocking potential as well as reduces the service life of the modules, ARCTIC COOLING is launching the ARCTIC RC – the revolutionary thermodynamic design lowers the temperature and thus extends your overclocking potential.

The ARCTIC RC comes with a highly conductive pre-applied thermal tape to improve heat transfer from the memory module. Its radical long-fin design notably increases the surface area for heat dissipation and optimizes natural convection. The result is significant – with ARCTIC RC your RAM temperature will drop up to 34°C – an out standing thermal radiation every overclocker is looking for!

The ARCTIC RC is compatible with both DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM modules, and applicable to both single and double sided modules. It is also designed for easy installation – using pre-applied adhesive thermal tape to attach one or two pieces of ARCTIC RC on your RAM, and you are ready to experience the cooling power brought from this thermodynamic RAM cooler.
One package contains four pieces of Arctic RC. ARCTIC RC will be available mid May 2008. The MSRP is US$14.95
and 9.95€ (excl VAT).

Technical specifications:

Dimensions 126.3L x 1.5W x 65H mm
Weight 29g
Material Aluminum
Compatibility DDR2 & DDR3 SDRAM modules

More details on the Thermodynamic RAM cooler can be found here
Thermodynamic RAM cooler
The Thermodynamic RAM cooler actually looks pretty sweet. Feel free to voice your opinion about it in our forum