Aria claim cheapest 1155 CPU prices in the UK Page: 1

Its not very often you will get me writing a news article, but ears are burning all over the industry tonight and it seems some are talking about, some whinging, but most crying about Aria taking pre-orders on the new Sandy Bridge CPU's.

A certain retailer has put so many hours into trying to get Aria to take their pre-orders down its quite shocking. I could not quite understand why until I did a little digging. It seems Aria have gone live with significantly lower prices than the other overlyshocking retailer and it seems they are doing everything they possibly can to try and stop you all finding out about it.

I'm sure if this was Apple or Microsoft the Office of Fair Trading would have be having a field day. I'm always one for a good row and fighting the corner for the under dog so I thought all the OC3D readers would find these prices and links very helpful when planning your Sandy Bridge purchases.

2600k £251.99 - £20 cheaper

2500k £172.20 - £15 Cheaper

Prices were correct as of 05/01/2011 but we expect the said retailer thats been moaning to drop their prices quite rapidly in line with Aria's prices, hey if we can save you 20 quid then it was worth the hassle!

Its also worth noting that despite the rumors that the overlyshocking retailer is trying to start all Aria's 1155 CPU's and P67 based motherboards will come with the full retailer and manufacturer warranty. Trying to trick people into thinking they wouldn't is yet another underhanded tactic they have tried to stop people taking the plunge and pre-ordering the cheaper products.

For those of you out there looking at Sandy Bridge as a viable upgrade but slightly nervous about the new way of overclocking, or even just overclocking in general then the Gladiator Pre-Overclocked Bundles could be right up your street. OC3D have used a selection of these bundles recently and are amazing value but still come with a solid 12 month rtb warranty.

This is the end of todays informercial, if you would like to discuss the points or prices mentioned here today go to our forums.