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  Aria's Secret Charity Day Bonanza!  


Aria's Secret Charity Day Bonanza!

You wont get me writing a news article very often, but when a story grabs you sometimes these things have to be done. I had the pleasure of meeting Aria Taheri the MD of Aria PC Technology earlier this year. Despite being in awe of the business Aria had built from just selling memory and this grew into PC components in 1993 to what is now one of the largest and most influential online retailers in the UK. Its quite refreshing when a company this big has also now got a well rooted and helpful staff, OC3D have worked with many retailers over the years but hands down we have never got the support we now receive from the crew behinds the scenes at Aria.

Aria today is announcing some crazy cut back prices today across a massive range of components today, its a first come first served deal, so when its gone its gone. With some of the prices being cut by up to 50% don't expect things to hang about long!

Moving on the to big news today though and this is where things really get juicy. Another very well known "overlyshocking"
 retailer caught wind of Aria's plans and decided to launch their own price cut day. Well what we had all been keeping secret was the icing for the cake, the "Epic day at Aria" wasn't about price cuts boys so the joke is on you. Where as the other retailer is just looking to make yet another quick buck Aria however plays the game a little differently.

I can now announce that ALL of today's proceeds at Aria will be going to CHARITY, not only this but Aria will match and DOUBLE this total as well. The funds will be heading to local charities in and around Manchester helping those much less fortunate than the likes of us sat in front of our top spec gaming machines.

We all personally think this is an amazing gesture from Aria to help support the local community in Manchester, if more companies in the UK took this approach once in a while the world woould be a much nicer place to live in.

You can also see Mr Aria Taheri on Channel 4's "The Secret Millionaire" next Tuesday the 31st of may at 9pm where he went undercover in the ethnically diverse Sparbrook. You can get more information in the program here.

So guys and girls with cut prices, all the days proceeds going to charity and then Aria matching and doubling that total what are you waiting for? Smash that piggy bank and be happy in the fact you not only get a spanking good deal on some components but you will also be helping some great charities in and around Manchester helping those in the community that really need it.

You can discuss this further in the Aria Customer Care forums on OC3D.