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ARM today announced the launch of the ARM Mali-T604 as part of its drive to upgrade its Mali series. The Mali-T604 GPU reportedly delivers five times the performance of the ARM’s current Mali graphics processors.

For starters, the new Mali-T604 is a multicore, scalable GPU that takes the performance level for visual computing to an all new level. According to ARM, it is tailor made for mobiles, tablets, DTVs, and automotive infotainment devices. The Mali-T604 is part of ARM’s fourth generation GPUs and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of General Purpose Computing on GPU (GPUGPU). Mali-T604 comes with support for full profile Khronos OpenCL and Microsoft DirectX.

ARM has designed the new GPU using its innovative tri-pipe graphics architecture, which allows the processor to easily meet the ever-increasing computationally intensive demand that is part of today’s graphics’ and gaming interfaces. Additionally, the new Mali is equipped with patented techniques that reduce memory bandwidth consumption by up to 30%.

This gives it significantly increase energy-efficiency. Clubbed with ARM’s Cache Coherent Interconnect (CCI-400), this lets the chip deliver a memory coherent system in combination with the recently announced Cortex-A15 MPCore.  What this means is that AMR’s Mali-T604 is perfectly capable of delivering as yet unseen visually rich experiences in consumer electronic devices.

The Mali-T604 has already been made available by ARM to licensed lead partners, with Samsung becoming the first company to get access to the new chips.

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ARM Mali-T604 GPU