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Worldwide First DisplayPort Motherboard – ASRock A780FullDisplayPort released.

ASRock have released what they are calling the "Worldwide First DisplayPort Motherboard".  While what they say is true its also a little bit misleading.  The DisplayPort connection is through a DisplayPort card that comes bundled with the motherboard and plugs into a free PCI slot thus leaving you with only one other PCI slot to do with as you wish.
DisplayPort Mobo
ASRock say:  "To keep up with the modern appliances with multi-ports, such as D-Sub, DVI, HDMI port and the latest Display port, motherboard makers got to be ready for that.  ASRock is fully aware of the trend and released the Worldwide First Display port motherboard today! ASRock A780FullDisplayPort is a full-function embedded motherboard with four display outputs provided for all kinds of consumer appliances. Through the back panel I/O, you may find many output port options, such as D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, and Display port, and the MB also supports Full HD 1080p Blu-ray/HD-DVD playback and PCI-E Gen2 slot."
Based on AMD 780G + SB700 Chipsets, ASRock A780FullDisplayPort supports FSB 2600 MHz (5.2 GT/s), Dual DDR2 800, PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot, integrated AMD RV610 graphics, providing excellent DX10 class iGPU, Pixel Shader 4.0, Max. shared memory 512MB, and ATI™ Hybrid CrossFireX™ function. For users craving for high definition display requirement, this motherboard is specially designed to smoothly playback Full HD 1080p High Definition movies.

For storage and network transfer specifications, A780FullDisplayPort supports up to 6 SATA2 ports, RAID and PCIE Gigabit LAN, IEEE1394 and 6 x Ready-to-Use USB 2.0 Ports.
For those of you not sure what DisplayPort actually is, here is a little info from ASRock along with a little table to show specifications:
DisplayPort a digital display interface standard put forth by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). It defines a new license-free, royalty-free, state-of-the-art digital audio/video interconnect, intended to be used primarily between a computer and its display monitor, or a computer and a home-theater system.
DisplayPort Table
They also went on to show AMD RV610 graphics & GPU OC test results as well as single card & hybrid CrossFireX OC test results which can be seen here along with the motherboards full specification: Link to press release.
Ok so while this motherboard isn't likely to compete with the latest and greatest performance wise, it could appeal to the HTPC market.  At least we're finally seeing DisplayPort hitting the shelves.
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