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Asus Announces Eee Stick
"Get into the swing of gaming."  That is the tagline for Asus's new PC gaming device, the Eee Stick. Bearing a striking resemblance to Nintendo's Wiimote, the Eee Stick functions to translate the physical movement of the device into cursor movement onscreen for a PC. The Eee Stick is a completely wireless device, consisting of a pair of Wiimote Nunchuck look-a-likes that transmit to a 2.4GHz USB wireless RF dongle.
The Eee Stick has 3 different functionality modes:

The 3D Motion mode which responds to and reproduces movement along all axes as well as wrist rotations, is ideal for playing sports, action and beat ´em up games.

The Pointing mode focuses on aiming, and is hence perfect for First Person Shooters and light gun games.

The Tilt mode, which reproduces movement forward, backward and to the sides, lends itself well to racing and flight games.

Each controller runs on a pair of AA batteries that give a whole 3 days (72 hours) of sustained gameplay time. The RF dongle has a wide range of effect, up to 10m.
The Eee Stick will come bundled with certain models of the Eee PC and Eee Box, as well as certain games designed specifically for the device.
More details and specifications can be found on the official press release.
Does this Wiimote port to the PC appeal to you?
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