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Official Press Release

ASUS Announces First Hardware Overclocking Device

ASUS has recently announced the world's first hardware real-time overclocking device for graphics cards, the OC Gear. Paired with their EN8600GT OC GEAR/HTDP/256M (which features -1 memory modules), the OC Gear is aimed to provide the ultimate overclocking experience.

The OC Gear sports an easy-to-read LED display that displays graphics card information such as GPU temperature and current FPS in real-time. All it takes is a simple twist of a knob to adjust such settings as GPU clock frequency and fan speed.

The OC Gear is an easy-to-install front panel device, requiring only a 4-pin USB connector to be plugged into the motherboard to provide power and information.

The 8600GT paired with the OC Gear is not without its own special features. Aside from the -1 memory modules, it sports a different heatsink from the reference design that has 25% more surface area, lowering temperatures by up to 14ºC.

The EN8600GT OC Gear also includes an array of software, including
Splendid, Gamer OSD, VideoSecurity Online, and SmartDoctor. This package gives and enhanced visual and gaming experience plus extra security.


Model OC gear
Interface Internal 4-Pin USB connector
Power Consumption 5W
LED Display Size 89mm * 31.6mm
Bezel Size 148.5 * 42.6mm
Dimension Max 148.5 * 42.6 * 139.6mm (without cable) +
LED Display Functions 1. System Master Volume
2. GPU Speed
3. GPU Temperature
4. Current FPS (Frames Per Second) Info
5. GPU Fan Speed ++
Adjustable Function 1. System Master Volume
2. GPU Speed
3. GPU Fan Speed
Compatible Graphics Card ASUS Graphics Cards
+ OC gear may not apply to some chassis with front door design
++ You are allowed to adjust the Fan Speed only when installing an ASUS graphics card with fan control function
Model EN8600GT/HTDP/256M
Graphics Engine GeForce 8600GT
Video Memory 256MB DDR3
Engine Clock 540MHz
Memory Clock 1.4GHz (700MHz DDR3)
Memory Interface 128-bit
Max. Resolution Up to 3840 x 2400
Bus Standard PCI Express X16
VGA Output YES, via DVI to VGA Adapter
HDTV Output YES, via HDTV Out cable
TV Output YES, via S-Video to Composite
DVI Output DVI-I
Dual DVI Output YES
Adaptor/Cable Bundled DVI to VGA adapter
HDTV-out cable
Software Bundled ASUS Utilities & Driver

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