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ASUS Announces ROG Blitz Series

Motherboard manufacturer ASUS has recently announced the release of the newest addition to their enthusiast line, the ROG Blitz series. The two main features for this series are the Crosslinx Technology and the Fusion Block System.

P35 motherboards based on the reference design are only able to support PCI-E 16x and 4x lanes, limiting performance potential. ASUS's Crosslinx Technology remedies this by enabling dual 8x lanes, eliminating bottlenecks and giving increased graphics performance.

The Fusion Block System is a combination of a heatpipe system and a waterblock. This allows the user to make just one connection to their watercooling system in order to cool the Northbridge, Southbridge, and MOSFETs while also saving them from having to purchase an extra waterblock. This saves the user money and provides up to a 47% increase in cooling performance.

The ROG Blitz series consists of three boards: the ROG Blitz Formula, the ROG Blitz Formula (Special Edition), and the ROG Blitz Extreme. Both the Formula (Special Edition) and Extreme feature Crosslinx Technology and the Fusion Block System while the Formula only features Crosslinx Technology.

ASUS ROG Blitz Extreme

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