ASUS ARES Gets First Public Showing Page: 1

CeBIT in Hannover is off to a rocking start and manufacturers are gearing up to display their new products at the exhibition. Asus made its presence felt on the very first day with the manufacturer’s engineers showing off its much awaited and much hyped about dual GPU graphics accelerator – the Radeon HD based ARES.
Overclock3D checked it out and found that the ARES unit on display at CeBIT is a fully functional version that has its core clock set at 850MHz and its memory clock running at 4.8GHz. The reference card used for ARES is AMD’s ATI Radeon HD 5870, and there are two of these cards inside the system, giving it a whopping 3200 Stream Processing units.

The engineers from Asus claim they have tested the ATI card against NVIDIA’s new Fermi GPU and the test results clearly make ARES “the world’s fastest card”. Unfortunately, there is nothing from NVIDIA yet to respond to the claim; Fermi is due to be put up on display but no one knows when. Asus senior product managers did tell OC3D that “something from NVIDIA” should turn up in the evening, but it had not arrived until the time we wrote this.

Now if Fermi does not match up to the standards set by this new ATI technology, especially after it has already been in the market for more than six months, the market’s response to the new NVIDIA chip would be interesting to note. In the meanwhile, we have already started calculating the amount of current the PCI-Express and the 3 additional power connectors can transfer.

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