ASUS Ares World Exclusive Page: 1 World Exclusive

We love to bring you tomorrows desirable hardware today, and thanks to our secret undercover agent we've obtained a render of the next must have graphics card.

Here it is, the ASUS Ares.

This will be two 5870 cards on a single board, much like the behemoth that is the 4870X2 and far ahead of the slightly disappointing 5970. It also will come replete with a massive 4GB of memory which is akin to the MARS. The MARS was the equally bonkers card we gave away in our Aries system recently. Aries. Ares. Hmmm coincidence?

This amount of GDDR5 RAM will ensure the performance should be extraordinary even with high Anti-Aliasing at the huge resolutions the Eyefinity technology can reach.

As you can see, it also comes with the Republic of Gamers branding, so expectations are high that this will be the bees knees and the dogs danglies.

We also managed to obtain this secret graph showing how far ahead of the 5970 this will be. Better cooling, faster performance, ROG branding, gorgeous to look at. Set the level of want to maximum.

We can't wait.

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