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ASUS Blitz Extreme & Blitz Formula Motherboards

ASUS is showing off some of its soon to be released motherboards at Computex. The Blitz Extreme & Blitz Formula will join ASUS' successful Republic Of Gamers (R.O.G) line-up.

The Blitz Extreme board features a Fusion Block System that allows a combination of watercooling with heatpipes to cool down the VRM, NB and SB. There is an interesting Crosslinx Technology that allows x8/x8 equal PCIe lanes on P35 chipset to remove x16/x4 bottlenecks for better graphics performance. We heard that it is pretty challenging to implement this technology as circuitry needs to be re-routed and additional components have to be added to ensure signal integrity. ASUS has also step up to 2-phase power for memory which suppose to enhance memory overclockability. The boards come with free STALKER and 3DMark2006 Advanced Edition too.

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Admittedly the boards won't be to everyone's tastes...

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