ASUS Brings out ENGTX480 and ENGTX470 GPUs Page: 1

nVIDIA’s Fermi-based graphics cards are out and OEM partner ASUS has taken the lead in lining up its own GPUs based on the new cards. Dubbed the ASUS ENGTX480 and the ENGTX470, the long-awaited new cards fulfill the expectations of gamers for fully-optimized graphics products.

The ENGTX480 and ENGTX470 both bring considerable improvements and power enhancements over their predecessors. The GTX480 boasts of a core with 1401 stream processors and a 384-bit memory interface. In terms of clock speeds, the core runs at 700MHz while the 1536MB of GDDR5 memory is clocked at 3696MHz.

Next in line is the ASUS ENGTX470, which features 1215 stream processors with a core clocked at 607MHz. It comes equipped with 1280MB GDDR5 memory running at 3348MHz on a 320-bit interface.

ASUS has included its Smart Doctor application on both cards to make them ready for extensive Voltage Tweaking and extreme overclocking. This, according to the manufacturer, allows the cards to be tweaked for performance boosts of up to 50%. When coupled with the Supersonic Sled advanced benchmark interface that has been included in the package, the cards make for some exciting and interesting testing of overclocking efforts.

Users can also add their own custom cooling solutions to the cards to take their overclocking abilities to unheard of levels; this should also unleash the full power of the graphics processing cores. On the whole, ASUS has aimed at the creation of two graphics cards that have the abilities to meet the most demanding needs of serious gaming and overclocking enthusiasts.

ASUS is expected to start sending out the cards to retailers from 12 April, with pricing to be revealed at the time of actual release.

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