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Asus AresAsus's Ares - Equiped with Tri-Sli GTX 280

Asus have announced details on their new gaming monster, the Ares.
The new Asus Ares CG6155, or as Asus affectionately call it, "the ultimate gaming powerhouse," will run with a "dual power design" offering 2 kW of power.  By "dual power design" Asus basically mean two 1000W PSU's just slapped in the same case.
It will be based around Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX9650 quad and will be factory overclocked to 4.0GHz.  That chip will be strapped into an Nvidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard which will sport up to 8GB of dual-channel DDR3 1333MHz RAM.
It can also be equipped with up to 4TBs of HDD storage as well as a Blu-ray drive.
When it comes to accessories, buyers will get to choose from a  gamer-targeted selection.  There aren't any confirmed details on the keyboards, mice, mouse mats and headsets on offer but it looks like the mouse is a G9.  We don't know whether these accessories will be included in the overall price of the system, or if they will be optional extras.
On the graphics card side of things, what with being built on a 790i SLI motherboard, can you guess what's in store (ignore the title)?
Yep... Tri-SLI GTX 280s.  Three of Nvidia's latest and greatest graphics cards all piled on top of each other making one toasty beast.
Asus Ares side view
If all of the above hasn't been quite enough to sway you, well here is a little snippet of what Asus had to say about the Ares:
This powerful piece of gaming hardware comprises an array of top-notch components to provide gamers with the performance and stability for their every gaming need. The unique exterior design is inspired by ancient and modern armour with both Eastern and Western influences, and presents an aesthetic appeal that exudes pure power!
"is inspired by ancient and modern armour with both Eastern and Western influences"??
They could have just said what we're all thinking "inspired by a big ol' Transformers head".

With regards to pricing and availability of this behemoth, as yet Asus haven't given any details.  But rest assured that you'll more than likely need to sell a kidney (and perhaps a mates) to afford one as well as the ensuing leccy bills.
Asus are apparently still working on the official product page so further details are hard to come by.  We can, however, expect to see the ARES CG6155 arrive in Q3 2008.
Get saving!!
What do you think of this monster?  Like to looks of it but not going to be so keen on the price?
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