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Asus C90 DIY Notebook

The C90 has a few interesting features being the first 'DIY' laptop, most notably (couldn't resist - sorry) the ability to overclock by 20%, available as 'barebones', enhanced cooling, easy access to components, a standard LGA775 socket, upgradable graphics card, a decent array of connectivity AND the option of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Not too shabby at all.

Let us take a closer look...

main front

In the image below you are able to see a buldge at the back of the laptop, not dissimilar to an extended battery, but you'd be wrong. This is where the enhanced cooling solution resides. Encased in the rear looks to be four 40mm fans which with the aid of fins and heatpipes help keep this laptop cool.


Gaining entry to the components is acheived by removing just four screws...


This enables you easy access to the LGA775 Core2Duo socket which would make upgrading the CPU a veritable 'walk in the park'.


Although the C90 is supplied with a standard MXM graphics solution, the NVIDIA 8600 GT 128/256MB, NVIDIA 8500 GT 256MB and AMD M71x will be available as an upgrade.


Finally, a respectable array of connectivity is offered including HDMI.


Prices are rumoured to start at ~$1500 for barebones, would you consider this? Discuss