ASUS Debuts GTX550 Ti DirectCU Ultimate and TOP Edition Graphics Cards Page: 1

ASUS have taken the wraps off of their latest mid-range graphics offerings, the GTX550 Ti DirectCU TOP and the Ultimate GTX550 Ti DirectCU. Top-grade cores have allowed ASUS to overclock the GPU from 900MHz to 975MHz on the TOP version and 1015MHz on the Ultimate.

The GDDR5 memory runs at 1026MHz for the reference and TOP cards, and 1050MHz for the Ultimate edition.

Another feature of the cards is ASUS’ exclusive ‘Super Alloy Power’ technology, improving performance and longevity, and allowing critical power circuitry to run up to 35*C cooler than the reference design.

Both cards use ASUS’ DirectCU cooling solution, based on copper heatpipes in direct contact with the core. ASUS say that this system runs up to 20% cooler than the reference cooler under full load. ASUS have also featured their DirectCU cooler on their reference card, which receives a 10MHz overclock on the GPU.

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