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Asus Eee Keyboard Coming May/June

Remember this thing?  First displayed at CES 2009 earlier this year, the Asus Eee Keyboard has once again made an appearance at the CeBit tradeshow.  However, unlike last time when it was nothing more than a potential design concept, the Eee Keyboard has now been recognized as a marketable product expected to come out in either May or June.

The Eee Keyboard is an innovative PC in a keyboard-sized form factor featuring a built-in 5" touchscreen.  Asus CEO Jerry Shen has revealed that there will be two versions: one wired and one wireless, these designations referring to how the PC connects to your external monitor. 

Both versions will be powered by a 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU, utilize 1GB of memory and a 16 or 32GB SSD, as well as feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.  This, combined with the touchscreen, gives the Eee Keyboard all the makings of a top-notch media PC, especially the wireless version.  The wired version is expected to go out with a price of $400, with the upgrade to wireless will require a $200 for a price of $600.

Will the Eee Keyboard prove to be the ultimate media PC?

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