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Asus EN9800GTX performance preview

Asus have kindly sent us one of their brand new EN9800GTX's to play with.

Due to not having the card very long, the full review isn't quite ready yet but we thought you might like a little teaser of what's to come.
GPU Core: G92
GPU Speed: 675MHz
Memory: 512MB
Memory Bit Rate: 256 Bit
Memory Type: GDDR3
Memory Speed: 1100MHz (2200MHz)
Pipelines/Stream Process: 128
ROPs: 16
Transistors: 754M
Cooling: Fan
Interface: PCI-E 2.0 (x16)
Connectivity: 2 x Dual Link DVI-I & S-Video Out with HDCP

As you can see, the core clock, which is made on a 65nm process, is running at pretty quick stock speed of 675MHz and the memory at a supercharged  2200MHz..
The Card

The card itself is about as large as the 8800GTX which is to be expected from a high end Nvidia offering.  Its has a pretty standard dual slot cooler installed with a picture of a CGI girl, along with the card model emblazoned across the front.  The rear of the card shows that the Asus 9800GTX uses a rather cool looking black PCB.

Front view 9800GTX            9800GTX back
 Side view of 9800GTX
In this last picture we see that Asus have gone for a little more advertising and splashed their logo along with the model number along the side of the card. 
For some teaser benches check out the next page.

Asus EN9800GTX performance preview and pictures Page: 2
3DMark scores and initial benchmarks
We thought you might appreciate some performance indicators before the full review comes out, so here's a couple:
9800GTX 3DMark03
9800GTX 3DMark05
9800GTX 3DMark06
Performance looks pretty decent with these results showing the 9800GTX beating out the GTS, GT and 8800GTX.  The full picture however, may change somewhat when it comes to real gaming and further testing on our full set of synthetic benchmarks.
This model is set to retail in the UK at £193 ex VAT and in the US it will be around $299.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full review in the very near future.
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