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ASUS Enters Another Mobile Market
Tony Chen, general manager of Asustek's notebook business, has given word that ASUS will be releasing a product based on Intel's Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform.  To be manufactured by Pegatron Technology, the R50 5.6-inch device will adopt both Linux and Windows Vista as the operating system.
The R50 is set to come out sometime before June with a pricetag over $500.  ASUS also plans to release an updated version bearing a keyboard sometime in November.
If Intel is able to bring down the general costs of the MID platform, which was announced last year, ASUS believes it could really take off, with second-generation devices appearing in 2009 and a solid market forming within 3 years.  Considering the recent release of Intel's new tiny Atom processors and Moorestown PCB shrink, this could very well occur.
Will this new product help Intel's relatively unknown platform get off the ground?
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