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Asus Express Gate Lite
Asus has recently come up with a modified version of the Express Gate linux OS. Express gate had a clever concept of "Add some flash memory to a motherboard and you have an instant OS" but it is limited when it comes to functionality
Asus's lite version of the OS only shares the code base, as you have to install it on a hard drive (can also be installed on a flash drive but Asus doesn't recommend it).
Express Gate Lite has been tuned by Asus to work with their motherboards, which means drivers will be about.
One of the first reported Express Gate Lite motherboards is Asus's M3N-H/HDMI  (shown on right). Has a Geforce 8300 chipset which can support simple 3D, it also has PCI-E x16 slot, two PCI-E x1 slots and 3 PCI slots. The board is passively cooled and is said to get a little toasty.
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