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Eco Friendly Notebook?

Asus Bamboo Notebook SeriesAsus have launched a new real bamboo panelled notebook, which they claim to be truly 'green'  throughout it's lifecycle, from from its conception, production and use to its eventual recycling and disposal. There are currently two versions available, a 12.1" model which weighs in at 1.57kg, and an 11.1" model which is 1.25kg. They both utilise Core 2 Duo processors and DDR2 RAM. The lid and palm rests are made from bamboo, and no two notebooks will have the same grain pattern.


Asus had the following to say regarding the green aspect of the new notebooks:

The crux of the message borne by the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook is that “it's easy being green". This message resonates at both the consumer and solution provider strata. For consumers, being green is a simple matter of making smart, environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions. Choosing the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook – or any of ASUS' notebooks, all of which were designed and manufactured in strict adherence to the same rigorous green policies and standards that governed the development of the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook – over less green alternatives, will help to preserve the Earth in no small measure.

They didn't elaborate on exactly how they have acheived the 'green' status of this new notebook, but it certainly looks stunning.  The notebooks are said to be remarkably energy-efficient, thanks to the implementation of ASUS'  Super Hybrid Engine technology. There was no confirmation of prices yet but we expect this range to carry a premium. You can read the full press release here. You can also discuss in our forums here.