ASUS Launches Cine5 Ultra-Compact 5-channel Speaker Page: 1

ASUS today unveiled the world’s most compact 5-channel speaker in the form of its ASUS Cine 5 PC speaker system. Designed to deliver extraordinary sound depth for both gaming and personal use, the speakers create a surround sound effect that is at once realistic and dynamic.

ASUS has used its expertise in designing high-performance audio cards to create the exceptional sound effect that this compact speaker system delivers. The all-in-one Cine5 is the first compact PC speaker to deliver pure surround sound effects through the patented “Embracing Sound Theatre HD” technology. The full audio surround effect is created through a discrete 5-channel output.

ASUS believes the speakers would be a winner with the gaming crowd owing to its compact form factor design and unparalleled sound. For example, in First Person Shooter games, the Cine5 can help improve shooting accuracy and create a more realistic gaming experience by providing precise sound locations. When used for movies or personal entertainment, the Cine5’s advanced technology recreates 5-channel audio from any 2-channel source for crystal clear, high-fidelity sound effects.

Though compact in size, the Cine5 carries premium speaker drivers which, in combination with the specially-designed bass reflex port, improve bass delivery by 15dB in comparison to other speakers. This feature adds more depth and character to sound in games and movies.

ASUS has not just given the speakers great performance abilities; the looks too are appealing. The curved shape, black glossy finish, and metal knob create a feeling of elegance and class that sets the speaker apart from competitors. With the metal or rubber stands provided in the package, the speaker can blend in perfectly with any monitor of any size or shape.

While the speaker has been officially announced, there is no word yet on when it will become available in retail or on pricing.

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