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Asus launches the HD 3850 X2
Asus have announced their new GPU, to add to the ATI 3850s, The HD 3850 x2. The 3850 x2 will come with 1Gb of video memory and cooled by a dual fan HSF. Asus is the first manufacturer to have these cards and also first of few, since most of ATI's partners simple won't make the card because of it's rumoured high price.
The 3850 x2 core clock will be at 668Mhz and the 1GB of ram at around 829Mhz (1659Mhz effective). According to Asus this card gets a score of 13k on 3Dmark06 which is 34% better than a single card. Release dates and price have yet to be released, we will keep you posted.
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