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TUF Sabertooth 55i Motherboard
ASUS TUF Series 55i SaberTooth
We have seen more than a few ASUS over the past few weeks and just when we thought that was it, they have popped up with this. It's a TUF Series Sabertooth 55i motherboard. Based on the P55 chipset (incase you hadn't guessed) it features pretty much everything that the Maximus III Formula does, such as crossfire and SLI support and overclocking features, but this takes it a few steps further.
The Sabertooth boasts a 12+2 “Xtreme” phase power design for the CPU with the addition of a 2 phase VRM for the memory. It includes unique features such as additional Drive Xpert SATA ports, a T.Probe chip for stats monitoring and a CoolMem! frame for installation of a small memory cooling fan.
Where the Sabertooth really shows it's differences is it's upgraded cooling, dubbed CeraM!X, for both the chipset and MOSFET’s. The ceramic coated heatsinks are said to yield a 50% improvement in surface area contact, resulting in far better heat dissipation. This theoritcally means the ability to overlcock even higher. The board also includes “TUF” branded MOSFET’s and capacitor’s which seems to imply higher quality for better reliability and longevity. This does seem like an extremely high end motherboard for enthusiasts.
TUF Motherboard Features
There is no news on the expected release date or price so far, but the high end ROG series expected to be over 200 USD upon launch, you can be certain this won't be much lower.
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