ASUS Motherboards are Now Intel Xeon Ready Page: 1

Leading systems manufacturer ASUS has revealed that its workstations and server motherboards are now ready to support the new Xeon 5600, Core i7-980X, and Xeon W3680 processors from Intel. This includes the full range of ASUS’ enterprise-class motherboards and serverboards.

The new Xeon 5600, Xeon W3680, and the Core i7-980X processors from Intel feature 32nm architecture and are based on the LGA 1366 socket. All of these processors also carry up to six cores and have support for 12 threads and 12MB of cache.

The first ASUS server motherboards to become ready for the new processors are the 5500 IOH and the 5520 IOH chipset-based boards and server systems. The upgrade to the Xeon 5600 series will allows these boards to deliver higher performance and better energy efficiency as compared to boards running the earlier 45nm chips.

A move to the new 32nm processors will also improve the security profiles of the motherboards with the introduction of AES-NI and VT-d standards, which allow usage of built-in encryption acceleration and virtual machine isolation for improved isolation of I/O resources respectively.

ASUS has also upgraded the Z8PH-D12SE/QDR, its half-size SSI serverboard to the new processors. As a 6.3” x 16.7” compact motherboard, the Z8PH-D12SE easily fits into a 1U chassis and still delivers high-bandwidth connectivity of up to 40 Gb/sec. Also making the upgrade is the Z8PE-D18 server motherboard, which has been designed with 18 DIMM slots and 6- high-expandability slots to meet the most demanding of applications and tasks.

In the enterprise class 2U server systems, ASUS has upped the scales for its RS720-EH/RS12 motherboards. Both these boards will support two Intel Xeon 5600 series processors. Coupled with 18 DIMMS DDR3 slots for up to 144GB RAM scalability, these new dual processor motherboards have the ability to become processing powerhouses for enterprise class server applications.

Another dual processor system upgraded by ASUS is its RS720D, which provides users with 4-way, 26-core computing power in 1U. It has built-in 24 DIMM slots and can support up to 96GB x 2 memory modules, making it the perfect companion to the powerhouse that is the Xeon 5600 series processor.

On the Core i7-980 end, ASUS has prepared its X58-based workstation motherboards, including the P6T WS PRO, P6T6 WS REVOLUTION and the P6T7 WS SC boards to support both the Core i7-980X and the Xeon W3680 processors. The upgrade will allow both motherboards to perform more robustly and run more applications at the same time.
Existing users of all of these ASUS motherboards can also enjoy and unleash the full performance power of the new six-core Intel processors; all they need to do to achieve this is an upgrade of the BIOS of their existing motherboards.

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