ASUS Opens Channels for 6-Series Product Replacement Page: 1

Intel’s recall of its faulty new Sandy Bridge-based 6-series support chip is now being taken up by its partners as well. ASUS is one of the first partners to express its commitment to quality and announce its recall and replacement program for motherboards and systems affected by the Sandy Bridge flaw. In an official open letter to partners and customers, ASUS has gone on record saying it will stand by its products unequivocally.

According to the letter, all ASUS shipments of current Sandy Bridge-based products have been stopped with immediate effect. Distribution and retail channels have been intimated about the same and any related products that are still on shelves are being recalled. At the same time, the company is also reaching out to existing customers to reiterate its commitment to quality and customer service. For this reason, ASUS has set up a special grievance portal at, where customers can get detailed warranty and service hotline information.

Customers can raise any doubts or queries they have regarding the current issue or ask questions on possible future update to Intel’s Sandy Bridge technology. The warranty cover on ASUS’ notebook and desktop products stands firm for the chipset issue as well and customers have been given the option to get their products swapped or returned for a refund unconditionally.

For customers of ASUS’s motherboard products, the company has confirmed with Intel that SATA ports 0 and 1 have not been affected by the flaw. At the same time, almost all ASUS motherboards feature additional SATA 3Gbps and 6Gbps ports and these too are not hit by the Sandy Bridge fault. So customers can continue to use their ASUS motherboards without any reduction in performance. The company however, is offering the option of returning any motherboards that are affected for replacement or refund. Warranties for all motherboards have also been reset to ensure customers get enough time to get their products exchanged.

In addition to the direct replacement channel and its distributors and retail partners, ASUS has also taken up the initiative of getting in touch with customers that it believes are touched by this issue. The company will be calling customers directly regardless of whether they are through channel partners, distributors or registered buyers. All of these customers will be offered the option to return affected products directly to ASUS for a replacement or refund.

The move from ASUS is a big one and clearly indicates that the company is leaving no stone unturned to deliver on its commitment to customer service and quality.

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