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ASUS P7H57D First Look
ASUS have provided us with some photographs of the forthcoming P7H57D Evo motherboard, that is based upon Intel's P57 Chipset. Details surrounding this are scarce, but we know that it supports all current LGA1156 processors, and will be ready for Intel's forthcoming 32nm i3 processors.
evo   Evo Closer
As you can see it follows the ASUS hallmark of a very well balanced colour scheme, which makes a lovely change from some of the Crayola type boards that pass through the OC3D labs. Side-mounted SATA ports are always a welcome addition and generally the board appears well laid out with everything in a sensible position.
The photograph on the left shows two outputs for the P57s integrated graphics chip, both VGA and DVI, plus the usual swathe of connectivity available to the modern user. On the right however is one of the biggest changes to PC hardware in recent times, an NEC USB3 chip. If you've missed the details surrounding USB3 then it's a quantum leap forward in speed and bandwidth, capable of providing transfer rates close to 3GBps SATA. It will probably render Firewire and E-SATA obsolete as soon as the hardware manufacturers upgrade their products to support it.
Finally both the heatsinks are quite unusual in their design. They will probably be one of those designs that everyone either loves or hates, but you can't deny they are eye-catching.
The ASUS P7H57D Evo is expected to be released in the early part of 2010.
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