Asus partners with USB 3.0 Enablers for fast implementation. Page: 1

 ASUS today announced the certification of numerous USB 3.0 devices, confirming close cooperation with technology enablers. The certification will cover the industry’s leading USB 3.0 solutions, including devices from Buffalo, Freecom, Seagate and Western Digital.

The USB 3.0 has been springing up everywhere and is the next-generation for data transfer technology. Super fast and up to ten times the speed of USB 2.0 the USB 3.0 will be in a complete range of products including over 50 motherboard models and a number of notebooks, Eee PC netbooks and EeeTop all-in-one PCs.

To get into the top of the USB 3.0 standard ASUS have been working closely with its partners to ensure the process remains thorough yet streamlined and fast. Over 20 certification partnerships have been completed already, producing wide market availability. ASUS is also hoping to gain additional partners to improve the market availability of the USB 3.0 devices and speed up their compatibility testing.

A lot of users may worry about switching over to USB 3.0, ASUS have already released a full range of USB 3.0 motherboards that work with an extensive list of USB 3.0 peripherals and users are being told they will not have to worry.

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Asus partners with USB 3.0 Enablers for fast implementation.