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First seen the CES 2011, the ASUS ROG Rampage III Black Edition is now officially out of its wraps. The new motherboard follows in the footsteps of the runaway success of its predecessor - the ROG Rampage III Extreme.

The all new and shiny ASUS ROG Rampage III Black Edition keeps all the exciting features of the original addition and also adds many new specs that should catch the fancy of enthusiasts. The board is still based on the Intel X58 chipset and is home to four PCIe slots that support both 3-way SLI and 4-way CrossFireX graphics cards. There is also space for 6x DIMM slots that can accommodate up to 24Gb of DDR3 2200 overclocked memory.

The new addition to the board is the ROG Thunderbolt, an awesome combination of a LAN and an audio card. The dedicated combination has been designed exclusively by ASUS to significantly boost both audio and speed performance in games. While the audio part of the card boasts of the XONAR solution, the networking half is powered by a Bigfoot Networks’ Network Processing Unit.

The XONAR solution improves sound output quality by as much as four times that of a regular sound card while the built-in headphone amplifier ramps up even the minutest of sounds for crystal clear hearing.  When clubbed with fine-tuned gaming profiles, this exceptional sound solution leads to a gaming experience that is both felt and heard.

The Bigfoot Networks powered Network Processing Unit on the other hand automatically detects and accelerates gaming data over networks in real time. Such acceleration makes the CPU’s task easier and lets it perform that much extra. At the same time, it also bumps up the framer per second to improve the overall graphics and gaming experience. The dual boost of audio and network thus takes the already awe-inspiring gaming capabilities of the Rampage III Extreme motherboard to an all new level.

ASUS has also brought about some noticeably interesting changes in the heatsink design. The sink now looks more like a “big ol’ gun” and makes the Rampage III Black edition ideal for pawning noobs with. According to the official word from ASUS, there are a number of other, even juicier changes in the motherboard, though those are not being announced at the moment.

For the moment, enthusiasts have just been given these tit-bits and they will have to wait until the board is officially out before they can get the full details. Wondering when it will be out? Well, according to ASUS, it should be pretty soon.

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