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Coinciding with the release of the latest 6800 series Radeon cards from AMD, ASUS today came out with its own series of EAH6800 series graphics cards based on the AMD reference design. With a major increase in processing power over its highly acclaimed EAH5000 series cards, ASUS expects the new EAH6800 series products to easily catch the fancy of gaming enthusiasts.


Claimed by the manufacturer to provide significant performance enhancements over the reference designs, both new cards – the EAH6850 DirectCU and the EAH6870 are equipped with ASUS’ proprietary Voltage Tweak overclocking technology. The inclusion of the Voltage Tweak technology means ASUS’ cards perform as much as 50% better than the reference cards.


The manufacturer has also incorporated custom-flattened, all-copper heat pipes through its exclusive DirectCU cooling design with the cards. The direct contact of the heat pipes with the GPU core means the cards stay cooler by nearly 20% compared to the original design even in the most exacting processes. Ultra-quiet operation is another hallmark of the design. The aluminum fan attached to the ASUS EAH6870 significantly boosts the cooling efficiency of the card to keep its surface temperature cooler by as much as 14 degrees compared to the reference one.


ASUS will be supplying the EAH6850 DirectCU factory overclocked to 790MHz, which makes it 15MHz faster than the stock card. When clubbed with the AMD Eyefinity technology, this makes for some awesome gaming power that can be spread over as many as six displays. The AMD HD3D technology on the card boosts the overall experience by paving the path for stereoscopic 3D gaming and movies.


While pricing for both cards have not been revealed, ASUS did confirm that the cards have already started shipping out to authorised retailers.

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