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Refined Core Unlocking
ASUS Core UnlockASUS has launched a BIOS update for a whopping 17 of their AMD motherboards that will have Phenom II users jumping for joy. The update not only allows users to unlock the 'hidden' core in the BIOS, it allows the users to select the core they want to unlock.
This applies to the Phenom II X2 and X3 range of CPUs and even some earlier Athlon II X2 and Sempron 140 models. This is because AMD used 'crippled' Agena die for their entire range of processors, just disabling cores that don't work to their full potential, hence they are sold at Dual or Triple core processors.
Users then discovered that enabling the ACC setting on certain motherboards would 'unlock' the hidden cores and transform their lowly processor to a fully functioning quad core. The problem with this was, it enabled all of the hidden cores, which were sometimes genuinely unusable, so the additional cores could not be enabled.
This BIOS update allows users to select the core they wish to unlock, increasing the chance of a 'free upgrade', as often users found one core was perfectly stable, but the other wasn't and would case instability throughout the whole system.
To enable this enhanced option, you will need to update your motherboard to the latest BIOS from the ASUS website first, then go to the advanced tab of the BIOS and select CPU configuration. Then you will need to set ACC to auto and then enable 'Unleashing mode', you will then be able to select the cores you wish to use.
It's a very nice addition from ASUS, shows they are here to help their customers out, hopefully other manufacturers follow suit with a similar idea.
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