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 Asus have released a router, called the Asus WL-700gE  (click for review). The router acts multi function device that allows you to have a FTP server, a NAS, a multi Media device, a printer sharer and more all wirelessly of course and without the management of the PC itself. The router is equiped with a 'download manager' allowing it to continue net downloads while the PC if off. 
 At a basic level, the router functions as an UPnP NAS device. The hard drive has a pre-defined file structure for downloads, music, photos, videos, web files, ASUS utilities and automated USB copies. The drive is available via UPnP once the initial router configuration has taken place. No special software is required to access the drive – a connected client running TCP/IP, the Microsoft Client and the File and Print Sharing protocol (the basic Windows networking setup), will be able to connect. For Linux and OSX users, the router uses CIFS as its default network file protocol and it also supports NFS. In a worse-case scenario, the drive’s contents are also accessible via FTP or the router’s web-based admin page.

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