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With AMD’s latest Cayman-based 6900 series cards out, its partners are also coming through with their own GPUs. ASUS is one of the first to announce its variations of the new HD 6970 and HD 6950 graphics cards from AMD. Both cards are aimed at PC gaming enthusiasts and power users.

ASUS has factory overclocked both its new 6900 series cards, though not by much. The more powerful Radeon HD 6970 has been tweaked to run at 890MHz core, while the HD 6950 has had its core clock set to run at 810MHz. While the HD 6970 has been dubbed the “Cayman XT”, the 6950 has been renamed “Cayman PRO”. Memory for both cards has been overclocked significantly to run at 5.5GHz and 5GHz respectively.

To keep the tweaked cards running coolly, ASUS has swapped the stock plastic shroud cooler with an all-aluminum cover. The change ensures efficient dissipation of heat for both cards and gives immediate benefits in stability, performance, lifespan. It also keeps the cards ready for further overclocking.

ASUS has added its exclusive Voltage Tweak technology to both cards so that gamers and hardcore tuners can boost the clocks on the card by as much as 50% if they have proper cooling support. Considering the already impressive speeds of the cards, such massive tweaking ability should really have enthusiasts drooling.

With AMD Eyefinity, HD3D and EyeSpeed technologies built-in, both the HD 6970 and the HD 6950 cards open up exciting new vistas for PC gaming and overclocking enthusiasts. ASUS claims to have tested and verified the stability of the overclocked cards, which means users can enjoy uninterrupted, top-quality performance from the cards for extended periods without worrying about the GPUs crashing.

No word on pricing yet, though the overclocking should lead the cards be priced somewhat higher than the reference ones from AMD.

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