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The ASUS Eee Box Delivers the Ultimate Space-saving, Power Efficient Computing SolutionOfficial Press Release logo
Fulfilling the needs of users who require a stylish, low-power computer with a minimal footprint, ASUS, producer of the world renowned Eee PC™, releases the new Eee Box. Replacing today’s bulky and boring PCs, users can refresh their working environment with a compact, elegant solution. With a range of exciting novelties, the Eee Box offers amazing journeys where users learn, work and play – all in line with the Eee PC™’s main focus of easy use.
ASUS Eee Box whiteA Sleek, Stylish Performer

Merely 1L in size, the Eee Box is delightfully sleek. Slim as a paperback novel, users can reclaim the desk space previously lost to bulkier, intrusive desktop systems. The Eee Box even mounts VESA LCD displays for the ultimate space-saving solution. An accessible touch sensor button and vertical placement exudes a seamless and futuristic outlook; while smooth curves further accentuate a refined form that compliments most interior designs.

Just 7 Seconds* from Boot up to Internet

With the exclusive Express Gate – ASUS’ innovative fast boot technology, users can easily access the Internet, manage pictures, or communicate over IM/Skype just 7 seconds* after boot up. The Eee Box also supports the latest WiFi 802.11n wireless standard – providing up to eight times faster connectivity than previous 802.11b/g wireless. Users can download a 30 minute video in only 44 seconds – minimizing the wait and allowing time for twice as many movies.

*Actual boot time subject to hardware configuration and product model.
Love Your Environment ASUS Eee Box black

The innovative ASUS thermal solution integrates a unique heat dissipation module with the AI fan – allowing quiet (26db) and comfortable computing. Compared to full-sized desktop solutions, the Eee Box’s energy-efficient performance reduces power consumption by up to 90%. The Eee Box also utilizes Green Design and is made with only earth-friendly materials for reduced CO2 emissions; and conforms to stringent RoHS and WEEE standards. Users can thus be socially responsible while working, learning and playing in style!

Work, Play and WATCH

The Eee Box is the perfect choice for enjoying Internet TV. With an IPTV player, thousands of programs are freely available – allowing users to personalize and watch lists of TV shows with ease.
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