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Official Press Release
Experience Games Like Never Before with New Levels of Leading Solutions
In the ever-evolving world of computer gaming, gamers need top-notch solutions to keep up with current trends and requirements. This is where the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) steps in. With a goal and promise for gamers to experience the finest in terms of gaming, ASUS ROG unveils the latest hardware geared for the future of gaming at CeBIT 2008.

ASUS ROG’s Promise of Excellence
The ROG aims to achieve the pinnacle of gaming and to bring the “game on” with the best gaming solutions for unsurpassed gaming experiences. To realize this, utilization of the fastest, coolest and most radical state-of-the-art gaming technologies are the norm, and even then, only the top-of-the-line technologies will be accepted.

Upgrade CPUs with Just “One-Click”!
The CPU Level Up feature provides easy upgrading of CPU performances without extra costs or prior overclocking knowledge. All the user needs to do is to choose a processor speed they want and the motherboard will do the rest. Extreme Tweaker, a “one stop shop” application for overclocking, has an extensive array of options to fine-tune frequencies, over-voltage or memory timings to make instant performance upgrades easier than ever! ROG fully recommends these exclusive technologies, and they can be found on the ROG Striker II Extreme and Formula Series, the ROG Rampage Formula and ROG Crosshair II Formula motherboards.
ASUS Crosshair 2

Fusion Block System for Cooler Thermal Performance
The Fusion Block System combines the renowned heatpipe design with the added ability to connect to a water cooling system. Users will enjoy cooler thermal performances with a single connection – providing a versatile, efficient, and advanced thermal system for even better overclocking results! This exclusive technology is currently available on the ROG Striker II Extreme and ROG Maximus Extreme motherboards.
ASUS Striker 2

World’s First ASUS TOP Graphics Card Series
ASUS ROG believes in living in the fast lane. That’s why the world’s first overclocking versions of the latest NVIDIA GeForce and ATI GPUs – the ASUS TOP Series of graphic cards, symbolize the epitome of speed and performance. Gamers can expect astounding core, shader, and memory clock performance boosts that empower higher 3DMark06 scores in comparison to any other reference boards. ASUS ROG fully advocates the use of the ASUS TOP series, which currently encompass the latest ASUS EN9600GT TOP, EAH3870X2 TOP and EAH3870 TOP graphic cards.
ASUS 3870 X2
Overclock the Shader Clock with New SmartDoctor
ASUS’ SmartDoctor application is the world’s first overclocking utility that is able to tweak the Shader Clock on GPUs. This handy application will enable users to overclock the Shader Clock and Engine Clock independently for an astonishing performance boosts without the hassle of rebooting or re-flashing their BIOS. This leading technology is available on the ASUS EN9600GT, EAH3870X2 and EAH3870 graphic cards, to name a few.
ASUS SmartDoctor

ASUS OC Gear for Easy Real-time Overclocking
In keeping with the ROG’s credo, overclocking with just a simple twist of a knob is no longer a dream! The ASUS OC GEAR allows real-time adjustments to easily switch menu options that include the GPU clock, memory clock, and fan speeds to suit different game requirements. With an easy-to-read mirror LED display, the OC GEAR also displays real-time graphics card information – making it the perfect tool to easily overclock, control system settings and keep an eye on temperatures at a glance. Furthermore, hassle-free installation – even for first-time PC DIYers, allows gamers to simply plug the OC GEAR to the chassis through an internal 4-pin USB connector and it’s done! This edition of the OC GEAR will be packaged with the ASUS EAH3850 graphic card.

Look the Part of a True Gamer with ASUS’ Vento Series
The chassis of every PC can be said to represent the image of the gamer, and what better way to establish the image than with one that combines sleek curves with functionality. Different CPUs require different cooling capabilities; and ventilation from the chassis is critical to heat-generating components. With a combination of excellent ventilation, easy installation and a unique Magic Mask feature that protects the components on the front panel, the ASUS Vento Series Chassis is the perfect choice for any serious gamer.
ASUS vento

Ultimate Gamer Gear: ASUS ARES Gaming PC
The ARES Gaming PC features massive performance with the best gaming hardware configuration that includes an Intel Core™2 Extreme CPU, supporting up to 8GB of fast DDR3 memory, NVIDIA’s 3-way SLI graphic technology and a 4 Terabyte hard disk for exceptional processing and graphical performance; as well as Dual Power™ power modules and liquid cooling. The sleek gaming outlook brings out a uniquely designed upper faceplate that is a fusion of ancient and modern armor from both Eastern and Western cultures. This design also fully encloses and provides protection for the drives and user interface modules, making this the ultimate gaming solution.

ASUS G70 Sets a New Standard in Mobile Gaming
The ASUS G70 is designed specially to fill the need for a personal, mobile gaming machine without the hardware compromises – in a laptop, the G70 combines fast-response 17-inch widescreen display with the unparalleled dual graphics engine found in high-power desktop gaming systems; and ASUS has also optimized the G70’s design at every point not just for aesthetics, but to enhance usability. The G70 packs a formidable array of hardware and options to tackle the most demanding fast-action 3D games. Starting with Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors and memory expandable to 4GB, it also offers two hard drive bays for storage up to a whopping 640GB (320GB x2); and via SLI technology used in the most powerful gaming systems, the G70 also offers two graphics engines (nVidia GeForce 8700M GT x2) to render the most detailed virtual worlds and objects, stutter-free.

ESL Live Gaming Tournament at CeBIT 2008
ASUS is proud of its commitment to the gaming community through sponsorships for the ESL Major Series in Europe. This international E-sports league will be present at the ASUS booth located at Hall 26, Stand E37 during CeBIT 2008, so gamers can bring on their best form and join live gaming tournaments to win dazzling hardware prizes!

ASUS Achievements for 2007
ASUS saw the year 2007 filled with accolades from across the globe with 2568 awards. It was also ranked in Business Week‘s “InfoTech 100” for the 10th straight year; and named the “Number One in Quality and Services” by the Wall Street Journal Asia.

ASUS at CeBIT 2008
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 and E37 from March 4th to 9th, 2008.

About ASUS
ASUS is a leading company in the new digital era. With a global staff of more than 8000 and a world-class R&D design team, the turnover for 2007 was 6.9 billion U.S. Dollars. ASUS has been ranked in Business Week InfoTech 100 for 10 consecutive years, and has been ranked No.1 by the Wall Street Journal Asia for best quality products in Taiwan.
What an amazing array of gear, and there is something here for virtually everyone.
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