Asus ROG Xpander Hits Japan Page: 1

Just when you thought the Rampage III Extreme couldn't get anymore extreme, Asus brings you the ROG Xpander.  Announced back in May and only just now reaching Japan, this daughter expansion board comes bearing a pair of Nvidia NF200 chips for a full 64 PCIE lanes to bring 4-way SLI capabilities.

The Xpander plugs into the motherboard using a pair of dual-sided PCIE finger connectors and a set of three slots on the board's backside.  Power is provided by four 4-pin molex connectors.  Since the board is large enough to cover the motherboard's chipset heatsink assembly, the Xpander also includes a hole with a fan.

Other features include a pair of 3-pin fan headers, a 4-pin USB header for firmware update use, and a jumper for voltage adjustment (default 1.2v with the ability to go up to 1.25v).  In addition to fitting the Rampage III Extreme motherboard, the Xpander is compatible with the Formula version as well.  Currently there is no word on retail pricing or availability.

At this point in time, the release of this daughter expansion board will probably be considered pointless by most.  The technology and drivers behind 4-way SLI have yet to mature to practical, usable state.  I guess Asus wanted to emphasize that the Rampage III Extreme truly is their flagship and the best of the best, feature set-wise anyways.  Perhaps in time it will actually become a viable solution.

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