ASUS to Launch EAH5750 Formula Page: 1
ASUS release first shots and information about EAH5750 Formula
The ATI 5750 is at the bottom end of the recent 5xxx series of DirectX 11 graphics cards released by ATI. Mainly designed for the HTPC market it nonetheless provides surprising performance. ASUS have always been at the forefront of releasing non reference-design graphics cards, so it is no surprise to see them implement their own cooling solution on the baby of the 5 series.
Box Shot
The ASUS EAH5750 Formula comes with an exclusive Formula Fan-sink, which is 13% cooler than the reference design. This allows for greater overclocking headroom, and even quieter running for those who use the card to power their home theatres. The fan is built to be durable and ASUS claim it is a dust-proof design. The heat-sink part of the Formula Cooler has got a series of ridges designed into each fin, providing much greater surface area for heat dissipation and a 14% increase in cooling performance compared to standard fin designs.
Formula 5750
Apart from the cooling the card provides all the usual features of the 5750 series. A core speed of 700MHz, 4.6GHz memory using GDDR5, native support for both Windows 7 and DirectX 11, Crossfire ready and comes complete with VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs built in.
The package is expected to be shipped with all the usual ASUS goodies including ASUS Gamer OSD, ASUS SmartDoctor and ASUS Splendid. Connectivity will be provided with a power cable adaptor, a Crossfire bridge and a HDMI to DVI-I dongle.
Price is yet to be determined, but current 5750s retail for around £120 and can manage 50fps in NFS Shift @ 1920x1080 with 8xAA. So with the additional cooling providing extra headroom this could be the graphics bargain of recent times.
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